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Welcome all vacationers, thrill seekers, peril lovers! Here you'll find all your “damsel in distress” fetish needs met. So set sail and get ready for high adventure!
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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:45 pm

Rules for Content of Posting Materials

This is a Damsel in Distress (DID) website. Please show tact and tastefulness with regards to what you feel like posting or replying too. The Admin and Moderators have to right to review ANY and ALL works posted to this forum. If we do not feel they are up to standard, we reserve the right to remove items and ask artist/writers/creators to edit content to bring it up to standard.

Victims -

No Male Victims- The definition of a damsel as far as this forum is concerned is a woman. That also goes for she-males (chicks with dicks). Not allowed.

No Furries- A furry is classified as follows: Furries have human-like characteristics but are animals primarily with vague human traits. Foxes walking on 2 legs, with boobs, would be furry. BUT a human woman not covered in fur that has a fox tail and ears, is NOT a furry and thus acceptable.

No Underage Material- Kiddy porn or underage victims are definitely NOT allowed!!!

List of acceptable victims: Human women (of course!), Fairies or Fae, Mermaids, Humanoid Alien women (women with antenna or green skin), human female Cyborgs, and Ani-girls (human girls with tails and animal ears; Eg: Catgirls, Foxgirls, etc etc etc).


Pretty much anything goes. (But with regard to the were-beasts and the furry issue. They are ok to use as long as they are indeed were-creatures, as in human's that turn into half-human/half-beast, or some kind of fantasy creature, etc)

General Rules

No Flaming- Although the staff respects opposing views on subjects, we will NOT tolerate outright aggressive behavior toward any staff or members or even posts on this site. Please try to be respectful and offer constructive criticism when you feel it is needed.

No Spamming- We are all for people promoting their own sites, but when it gets out of hand thats when we have to put a stop it.

No posting other artist's materials without permission from the artist.

Code of Conduct and Suggestions for Safe Forum Usage

Be careful not to share any personal information on site. Please be responsible about how much you share of yourself on site and online as a whole. And on the other side of that coin, please DO NOT hound other forum users for any kind of personal information.

Stay ON-TOPIC for each category, section and forum. The exception being The Main Lobby which is for all kinds of general discussions.

The stories, images and ideas expressed on this site are for personal entertainment only!!! We DO NOT condone any of the activities displayed on this site within real life settings and situations. We take no responsibility for any voilence for your personal safety and would ask that you take this site for what its worth... A place to relax and enjoy fantasy fetishes and fun!

VIOLATORS of these rules will be put on review for an extended period of time. Continued abuse of the rules will get you banned all together.
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Rules of Conduct
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